Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga contains plentiful types of gameplay and exciting dungeon explorations. Players will have fun exploring the rich content of the game.

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Routine maintenance time

Realms: All
Time:Thur 00:30 to 2:30(UTC-5)

Rainbow Saga-Let’s get married
Abyss-Closed Beta for Abyss
Rainbow Saga—Regular Event

Holy Knight

Holy Knights wear heavy armor and carry a shield as solid as a stone. They always dash to the frontline and attack enemies with swords to protect their teammates.

Shadow Ranger

Shadow Rangers throw darts to rapidly attack enemies from a far distance. They will be able to deal more damage if the power of a star buried within their body is activated while attacking


Elementalists can wield staffs to summon three magic powers from their bodies and attack ranged enemies. Normal people have difficulty controlling magic, but sorcerers can easily manipulate them and make the best of their powers.